Thanks to the huge advancement in technology these days, mobile phones at weddings have become very much part of the day. They can be very useful to get those candid photos or video shots from the eyes of your guests. However, have you considered going ‘unplugged’ for your wedding, leaving things old school and telling your guests to put those phones away?

Here are our top tips and reasons for making the most of a phone-free wedding, should it be right up your street.


Your guests will be fully present: Do you really want your guests on their phones during dinner or during the reception? Not having technology means everyone is paying attention to what is going on. After all, you have planned a huge day for everyone; experiencing it through the screen of a phone or camera is just not the same as being wholly present.

People will talk to each other: Not having phones means people can have conversations with each other instead of looking at their phones. Ensure your guests that your photographer will take a lot of candid shots of everyone, so guests don’t have to worry about snapping their own photos or interrupting conversations to take photos.

You can enjoy the moment: Having an “unplugged” wedding also applies to the bride and groom. Relax and be in the moment instead of snapping photos with your own phone or live tweeting every minute of your wedding. Even if you’re not having a tech-free wedding, give your phone to your Maid of Honor to keep for the day or better yet, leave it at home.

You will cut down on noise and distractions: No one wants a ringing cellphone or message notification interrupting their ceremony. Having 50 phone cameras clicking and flashing at once might not be pleasant for everyone either.

Have more privacy: Some people love posting to social media every moment of their waking lives online, while others are much more private about sharing their lives on the internet. If you are the latter, nicely tell your guests to not post any photos of the wedding online and to keep the photos for themselves.

So if you want to keep your wedding day an intimate, phone free zone to ensure you and your guests live in the moment and enjoy every second as it was intended, don’t be afraid to tell them so! It’s your wedding – your rules.