14141808_1517469978278742_7445956450786844402_nGood afternoon! And welcome to the next installment in the Dunwood Hall blog!

As you can tell, we love helping our couples plan their big day, but what does the term ‘big day’ really mean?

To some people, it’s having a lavish, humongous day bursting with guests and grandeur! To others, it’s about keeping things simple, small and intimate.

Of course, however big your ‘big day’ is set to be, it will be perfect for you.

But at Dunwood Hall, we specialise in providing you with the perfect intimate wedding day. We love those cosy, intimate weddings and love helping our couples achieve their dream at our venue. And, as our venue is so unique, you get the stunning grandeur mixed in!

Here are some of our top tips for achieving the perfect intimate wedding:

Your Name’s Not Down, You’re Not Coming In…

Having the perfect guest list takes some careful organising, but when you perfectly select each and every guest, it makes their attendance all the more special. Decide on your number of guests and stick to it. It can be tough, but it’s worth it when you look around the room on your special day and love each and every person for being there for you both. After all, it is about you two.13912569_1484083721617368_2578824880016223646_n

Don’t decorate what’s already ornate!

When you view Dunwood Hall, you’ll see it’s beautifully ornate. Each room is individually styled to give a great wow factor on the day, without outshining the happy couple. Of course it’s great to personalise the hall to match your theme and your own personal style, but if you want to keep things simple (Or save costs!) then our venue already provides the perfect backdrop.

Book early, and start the countdown…

We welcome all couples to view our venue, whether they want their big day as soon as possible, or they are looking at a few years’ time. But the earlier you book, the easier it is to get everything sorted exactly how you want it. And of course, you can start getting excited and looking forward to the day right now!

Use us!

We have helped so many couples achieve their dream wedding here at Dunwood Hall. And with our experience in organising, planning and creating the perfect day, make sure you call upon us for tips and advice along the way – That’s what we are here for! No question is a silly question, and whatever theme or style you have in mind, we can advise the best way to achieve it with local suppliers or creative DIY touches.

So, if you are thinking of that perfect cosy wedding with your favourite people in a beautiful place, come and see us! We look forward to joining you on your wedding journey…