Planning a wedding takes a great deal of time. From the big to the small, we appreciate that couples like to plan as many aspects as possible. However, the weather is the one thing we can’t plan for. So how do you make the most of a rainy day on your wedding day?

Never fear! Because at Dunwood Hall! We have the perfect plan for you!

Of course, on a beautiful sunny day, we can really make the most of our gorgeous grounds, but we make sure that whatever the weather, you can have a stunning wedding day.

It’s all about being prepared. So how about purchasing some fun bright umbrellas? These make for great photos and a fun splash of colour on your big day. They also come in very handy when guests arrive or need to pop outside.

And, although you may have spent countless shopping trips finding the perfect wedding shoes, make sure to grab yourself a pair of cheap wellies too! You can pop them on to head outside if you really want a photo or two in the garden, and provide a really fun shot of your feet with your dress slightly hitched up.

We can recommend a great range of photographers who have a superb portfolio when it comes to weddings whatever the weather.

But, the main thing to remember if you are concerned about the weather on your big day, is that Dunwood Hall is beautiful both inside and out.
So you won’t be short of gorgeous photo opportunities if outside isn’t an option for you. Our Victorian rooms and gothic style provide the perfect backdrop and effortlessly elegant photographs. And our balcony provides the perfect place for group shots or impressive photos of the bride and groom, like this of Rachael and Daniel from Scott Sharman Photography.

So, when it comes to planning your wedding, by all means plan all the details you can. But, when it comes to the weather, know that we have it covered and can take care of you and your photos come rain or shine.