mother of the bride or groomYour wedding day is the perfect day to celebrate your love for one another with your family and friends. It’s a special occasion to get together with your loved ones and make your life long vows. And in the midst of planning and preparation, it can be easy to dismiss what a huge moment this is for the mother of the bride or groom.

After all, the wedding of her child is the biggest moment in her life since you were born!

So, here’s our quick tips on making your mum feel fabulous on your big day.

Allocate Tasks: Although you may not want your mother or indeed mother-in-law to be, to be interfering too much with your plans and ideas, allocating suitable tasks is a great way to enable them to feel involved. You can dictate what you want them to do, and they can take ownership of that part of the day with pride. Don’t do everything on your own, accept their help and understand that they just want the day to be as special as you do. And when you are in the final weeks before the wedding day, any help will be greatly appreciated!

Outfit Shopping: Of course shopping for a bridal gown is the most exciting shopping trip that comes with wedding planning, but don’t forget the mums! Make a real occasion out of shopping for her outfit as there are so many places that offer specific outfit ideas and styles to suit her. She will be a huge part of the big day, so it’s only right she looks the part! Make a day of it, grab some lunch together and have fun whilst choosing the clothes she wants to wear watching her child get wed. It can be a fabulously fun day when planning a wedding.

Photo Opportunity: You will probably have an idea, or even a detailed list of the photos you want to have taken on your big day with your photographer. As a bride, you will most probably have photographs with your father if he is to walk you down the aisle, so make sure your photographer makes time to take a special shot of just you and your Mum too. They make great Mother’s day gifts next year too!

Say Thank You: Whether it’s with a card and a little glass of bubbly to share on the morning of the wedding, or you include a comical or heart-warming story within the speeches, ensure she gets a nod on the biggest day of your life. Whether she has made planning a little stressful, or she has been there through thick and thin with your relationship, she deserves a little thank you on your wedding day.

So whether she’s the mother of the bride or groom, and whether you indeed like it or not, Mums are a huge part of a wedding day, and so they should be! And as Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it’s only right we celebrate them so!