Hello! And welcome to another addition to the Dunwood Hall blog! This week, it’s all about 2017 wedding planning!

We hope you had a splendid Christmas and New Year; it all certainly flew by for us but we are getting stuck into 2017 now with lots of exciting things to come at the venue over the next year.

Maybe this festive season was made even more special for you by a proposal? If so, congratulations! Choosing a venue for your big day will be one of the first decisions you make, so check out our earlier blog post about how to choose the right venue here.

Whether you are recently engaged, or have been for a while and are now getting serious about planning your big day, we have lots of ideas and inspiration for you, particularly if you are thinking of making 2017 the year you say ‘I Do’.

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times of a couple’s life, but planning it within a shorter space of time need not be stressful. We take pride in ensuring we are here for you every step of the way, no matter if you have a year or more to plan, or a couple of months! So if you want to get wed in 2017 and are just starting out with the planning, here are our top tips:

Book your venue and date now: Once you have the date and venue set, everything else can be tailored accordingly. But, be flexible as venues tend to get bookings rather in advance these days! However, we do have availability within 2017, so contact us now to arrange a viewing.

Decide on your budget: Once you have determined your budget, you can then confirm how much of it is to go on a dress, suits, cars, stationery and everything else that comes with planning a big day. However, if you are planning if a shorter space of time, skip the unnecessary extras you don’t need and spend more money on the bigger, more important things to you. Believe us, you won’t remember on the day if any of those little extras were missing and you will be glad you spent the budget in the right way.

Get Inviting! One thing people like to do at this time of year, when January blues have taken a hold, is plan and book their holidays for the year. So make sure your favourite people are all around for your big day and invite them now! Even if you haven’t had chance to send the official invites yet, make sure they know the date right away. And invitations can be sent once they are ready (If you are really short on time, you could purchase pre-printed invites or pre-designed styles for you to just add on your details… this saves lots of time in designing your own from scratch).

Once the three big tasks above have been completed, you can then start getting really excited about the themes, dresses, flowers and more. Don’t forget to contact us for ideas, hints and tips if you are struggling! We have held a huge variety of weddings here for different personalities, styles and themes and can help you make the day special and unique to you and your guests.

Plus, for further inspiration, we’ve created dedicated pinterest board just for you! It focuses on the biggest wedding trends for 2017… Click here and get inspired!

Happy planning!